Bennington Renters 101 Workshop Series

Bennington Renters 101: The community housing workgroup is offering a free five week course on responsible home renting strategies. The classes will offer information on everything from:

  • Housing Readiness—what can you afford?
  • The Housing Search
  • Tenant Responsibilities
  • Landlord Relations
  • Moving On—giving notice and getting your security deposit

If you have no rental history or poor rental history, completion of all five units in this course will come with a certificate of completion to present for consideration to all future landlords. These classes are free and open to all. The first class, Housing Readiness, begins on Thursday March 27th from 12:30-2:30pm at the Second Congregational Church, 123 Hillside St. Bennington. To register contact Denis Main, By Phone: 802-442-6934 Or Email: