7/29/14 – 1st National Online Searchable DV Provider Database Set to Launch

Millions of abuse victims to find help faster, better than before.

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) and Theresa’s Fund, an Arizona-based private family foundation, have formed a partnership to launch domesticshelters.org, a new website that will provide abuse victims, their friends and family, and agencies, with the most comprehensive, searchable database housing more than 300,000 data points on more than 3,000 domestic violence shelters, agencies and programs in the U.S.

“Theresa’s Fund brought it to our attention that more than 3,000,000 searches are conducted per month – according to Google – for information related to domestic violence, and most often related to seeking help,” said Sylvia Torralba, membership director for NCADV. “Yet, there isn’t a single, unified online and mobile resource that makes finding help as quick as a click.”

The new website will change that reality, giving consumers the ability to input their location, service needs, and language preference, and immediately, and at no cost, be presented with the nearest, most appropriate shelters, programs and agencies.