PAVE offers violence prevention programming throughout Bennington County for adults and children from pre-school through college. In 2013, we served approximately 3,000 adults and children. We have now expanded our outreach efforts to include presentations and videos on cable access television, our website and social media, including YouTube. See our Resources page.

Our focus is on healthy expression of feelings, bullying prevention and alternatives to violence. We offer life-skills workshops open to the entire community, and programs for specific audiences, such as Dating Teens, Caring Dads and Nurturing Parenting. Skills that are important at any age to deal with life’s challenges:

  • emotional management skills
  • conflict resolution skills
  • self-protection strategies
  • importance and development of self-esteem
  • how to resist peer pressure & bullying
  • assertiveness skills
  • effective communication skills
  • decision making skills
  • how to express anger appropriately

Experienced staff are also happy to offer presentations about our work or issues to your school, group, company, or church at any time. See additional program links, and please call our office any time to discuss how we might offer a presentation or workshop to fit your needs.

From one student: “Thank you for coming into our class to teach us about bullying. In your session, I learned how to apologize, make good friends, and many more things.”

PAVE staff working with a 6th Grade class at the Bennington Public Library.

Check our Resources page for additional links and handouts that may be useful.

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