About Us

Our Mission

 Our mission is to end domestic and sexual violence and to provide supportive and educational services to individuals, families, and the community.

Our History

PAVE was created in the Spring of 1980 to provide crisis intervention assistance to victims. Since then, PAVE has grown from a graduate student project to a full-scale non-profit organization.

The original goal was to provide services to victims in crisis and to raise awareness through community education programs. While these remained priorities, PAVE has undertaken other programs that are focused on long-term effects, including participating in drafting a police protocol for use in investigating complaints of domestic violence, legislative matters on the state and national levels, and networking with other agencies and groups dealing with issues related to abuse. In addition, PAVE has had the opportunity to present educational programs to schools in Bennington County, thus increasing awareness where it is needed the most. 

Originally staffed by a volunteer director and a handful of volunteers from the Bennington area, PAVE now employs a full-time director as well as staff, with volunteers from all areas of the county.

A $2,000.000 grant from the governor’s commission on the Status of Women in 1981 enabled PAVE to establish a 24 -hour crisis hotline, purchase office supplies, and reimburse volunteers for mileage. Increased community awareness has resulted in increased donations and support. In March of 1983 PAVE became a member agency of the United Way of Bennington County, an expression of confidence by the community on PAVE’s capabilities and services. 

Our Impact (2018-2019)

Adults received services through our hotline

Shelter nights

People reached through trainings and education PROGRAMS

Families assisted through our supervised visitation program

Project Against Violent Encounters (PAVE) is a non-profit agency that provides free and confidential services to victims of domestic and sexual violence in Bennington County. PAVE offers services to all victims and does not discriminate based on sex, gender, age, race, ethnic background, citizenship status, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.