Outreach Coordinator 802-442-2370  #300 or email at outreachadvocate@pavebennington.com

Housing Specialist  802-442-2370  #303 or email at housingadvocate@pavebennington.com

Shelter Coordinator  802-442-2370 #306 or email shelteradvocate@pavebennington.com

PAVE Advocate at Dept. of Correction 802-447-2861 or email at docadvocate@pavebennington.com

Family Time Visitation 802-442-7007  or email at familytime05201@gmail.com

Come Draw With Me and Hands Are Not For Hitting   802-442-7007 or email at familytime05201@gmail.com

Youth Educator  802-442-2370 Leave message for Mike or email at PAVEYouthEducator@gmail.com

Executive Director  802-442-2370  #301 or email at pave@pavebennington.com

Finance Coordinator  802-442-2370  #304 or email at pavefinance@pavebennington.com

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