The Family Time Visitation Center offers a Nurturing Parenting Program with an educational course for the whole family. Families participate with the trained facilitators in a 2 hour educational session that meets weekly for 10 weeks, at no cost to them. During each session, adults and children take part in separate, age-appropriate creative activities as well as share a meal together. The sessions are held at the First Baptist Church, in Bennington, VT, Tuesday evenings from 5PM-7PM, free dinner included.

Check “PAVE News” for next Nurturing Parenting Class dates. Call (802) 442-7007 for information or to enroll. Volunteers are also needed to help with meals.

Nurturing Parenting Programs focus on family life skills including but not limited to communication, non-abusive discipline, how to have family meetings, developing empathy, preventing child sexual abuse, substance abuse, impact of domestic violence and dealing with anger.

Facilitators of the class are trained in the Prevent Child Abuse Vermont Nurturing Parenting curriculum, domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse, substance abuse, mental illness, developmental disabilities, high conflict divorce, family dynamics, custody and visitation orders, abduction risks, and impact of incarceration.



Parents learn from discussion, activities, presentations, video tapes, and home practice about:

  • What children think and feel;
  • What to expect from children at different ages;
  • How to deal with little frustrations before they become big ones;
  • How to recognize and deal with children’s feelings and needs;
  • How to recognize and attend to their own feelings and needs.

The children learn through games, songs, art activities, puppet play and discussion to:

  • Control their behavior;
  • Increase their sense of self-worth;
  • Understand their strengths and limitations;
  • Recognize their own feelings and express their needs.

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