‘Tis the Season of Giving

Once again, winter closes in and the warmth of the holiday season is upon us. For many it’s a time of celebration and family gatherings that lift our spirits and bring us joy. And yet, behind the festive lights and decorations of far too many homes, families live with domestic violence.

The stories and experiences of survivors and their families bring this reality home and are at the core of what PAVE does every day. 1,000 calls were answered through our 24-hour crisis hotline and 3,016 nights of emergency shelter were provided to families fleeing their homes.

“If you hadn’t been there that day, I don’t know that I would be here today. My children and I were attempting to escape an extremely abusive situation. I am so grateful to the individuals who donated their homes and time to my children and me. It took me more than one attempt to leave him. I always knew that should I leave him he would attempt to hunt me down, and it was for that reason that leaving him was so complicated and dangerous. PAVE played a major role in making me aware that I could leave him. My life hasn’t been easy, but it was worth it. PAVE had a positive impact on my life and the lives of my children.”

Your support makes this work possible and end-of-year gifts are critical for us to continue to provide the services needed in our communities.

The trauma from domestic violence tragedies can linger throughout  generations. Approximately 15.5 million children are exposed to domestic violence every year. Left unaddressed, this exposure has serious consequences for their ability to succeed in school and to lead healthy lives. Witnessing violence in the home is the strongest risk factor of perpetuating generational violence. To stop this generational cycle of abuse, we start early and invest in prevention strategies that provide healthy parent-child relationships, friendships and dating relationships. Our education programs reached over 3,500 children, teachers and other adults.

Domestic violence thrives when we are silent. Giving a gift to PAVE is making a statement against violence. 150,000 women were killed by an intimate partner in 2017. The gift you give today can save a life and effect generations to come. Please give generously.



Linda Campbell

Executive Director