Family Time

About Family Time Visitation Center

Our Mission is to acknowledge and support the importance of family relationships by providing a safe, educational, and nurturing environment for children and adults during monitored family time with non-residential parents and members of the extended family.

Our Philosophy

Family Time is program designated to meet the individual needs of all family members. In today’s society, it is an unfortunate reality that children are impacted by many different situations faced by the adults in their lives. Residential and non-residential parents alike need and want quality time and relationships with their children. This can be a challenge when problems such as violence, substance abuse, divorce, or other issues come between parents and children.

Family Time is here to help. We believe that in most circumstances children need relationships with both parents as well as with extended family members. When appropiate, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for such relationships to flourish.

About our Monitors

Monitors are individuals who understand that families have issues and also have a desire to work them out. They are aware of the need for neutrality, safety, and the nurturing of the children by both parents and their extended family members.

Monitors have completed a minimum of 30 hours of training in areas such as child development, divorce, substance abuse, family violence, and CPR/1st Aid. They are dedicated to helping our families achieve their goals.

What can my child and I expect from The Family Time Program?

  • A loving and nurturing relationship with both parents will be promoted.
  • Safe planning of schedules will allow for no contact between adults.
  • Trained monitors will stay with your children at all times.
  • A neutral and child-friendly area is provided.
  • A “Zero Tolerance” policy (to drugs, alcohol, and violence).
  • Educational resources and references available.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Family involvement is encouraged, whether it is court ordered or non-court ordered.
  • Cases will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Contact Family Time Visitation Center

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Mailing Address:
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