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Call Our 24/7 Hotline: 802-442-2111

You are not alone, we’re here for you. Call our hotline to request services including shelter, counseling, legal guidance or economic empowerment.

Our Services

PAVE offers a wide range of services, including immediate assistance, referrals, and information, as well as emotional support. Our advocates also accompany victims of domestic or sexual violence to the hospital or police station, give support in court to explain procedures, and provide referrals to social service agencies where welfare benefits, food stamps, assistance with employment and housing and childcare can be found, to legal assistance, and/or to mental health counselors.

  • Hotline: Our 24/7 crisis hotline (802-442-2111 or 800-228-7395) is available for anyone in need every single day of the year, including holidays. Our team of advocates & volunteers provides support and emergency assistance directly to survivors of violence or can help the friends & family of those experiencing violence navigate the best way to support their loved ones. Start here to connect with an advocate and learn more.
  • Legal Advocacy & Case Management: The legal system can be complex, and our advocates are here to provide information and support as you navigate. We offer support with filing relief from abuse orders or criminal court proceedings, provide referrals to area legal representation, offer advocacy regarding parental rights & responsibilities, and help with divorce paperwork.
  • Shelter & Housing: We provide emergency housing for those actively fleeing violence, as well as assist survivors with gaining permanency. Our transitional housing program is designed to help survivors find long-term independence.
  • Family Time Visitation Center
  • Outreach & Training: Combating violence is a community effort. We offer training & violence prevention education throughout the community, as well as host events designed to mix awareness and prevention for youth.

PAVE’s approach to advocacy is to empower & educate. This means anyone who chooses to enage with services decides what actions they will take . We trust that survivors are the experts in thier own life. We present options and guide survivors in the choices they make to support safety.

At PAVE, we provide services to all survivors. We do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, age, health status, socioeconomic status, race, parental responsibility, language, immigration status, religious or political affiliations, or physical, mental or emotional ability.

While our services are confidential, all PAVE’s staff and volunteers are mandated reporters for child abuse. If child abused is disclosed to any PAVE staff member or volunteer, a report will be made to child protective services.