VT Kids Who Care

It’s not every day that two fifth-graders and a second-grader reach out to a domestic violence program to learn more about hosting a fundraiser, but that’s exactly what happened when Tai, 11, Evelyne, 10, and Eloise, 7, contacted us here at PAVE to learn more about how to support survivors.

These enterprising homeschool students participated in a Zoom meeting with Kelsey Dueland, Outreach Advocate, to learn more about our work in the community, the organization’s biggest needs, and how they could help the people PAVE serves.  Prepared with questions about donor tax receipts and how potential donations would make an impact, the three were engaged and inquisitive as they gathered information on fundraising options.  After brainstorming, they decided to host an online fundraiser and created a name for the event, “VT Kids Who Care.”

Tai, Evelyne, & Eloise supplied the content, logo, and photos for a fundraising webpage. Their goal is to raise $1,000 for PAVE clients and encourage additional in-kind donations.  They plan to run the fundraiser for three weeks with an end date of May 7th.  According to the copy they created for their website, the three students “want the world to feel safe and EVERYONE deserves love.” 

After only a few days since going live with their page, they’ve almost hit their $1,000 goal! We at PAVE are so grateful for their excitement and advocacy for their fellow community members, and can’t wait to see what they do next.